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We are a team of experts in the biogas sector and in the treatment of urban waste.

Our staff has high experience in the following sectors:

– over 15 years of chemical engineering, internal digestion processes, analysis of organic resources, sizing of plants, design and construction of plants or individual components;

– over 40 years in the field of metal carpentry, construction of tanks and metal components, supply of metal products, site organization and personnel management;

– over 20 years of experience in the design and construction of engines for energy production. Engine management in the best global companies in the energy sector;

– over 15 years of Global Service Management, in Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East. We are specialized in service and plant maintenance, personnel management and training;

– Designer and urban planner with 10 years of experience in the world of plant design, author of several studies and proposals for the installation of plants in urban contexts in order to maximize the return on investment not only linked to the energy aspect. Responsible for environmental and territorial issues and the general vision of the project;

– over 16 years of diversified corporate and territorial marketing, branding, communication, media / public relations, training, events and experience in business management, in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, strategic communication, development of business innovation processes

Bio Smart Energy - About Us
Bio Smart Energy - About Us


Our staff has expertise in the field of biogas and waste disposal and is sensitive to environmental problems. We therefore want, through our expertise, to make a contribution to the growth of earth and human health by offering a technology without contraindications, which eliminates waste and CO2 emissions and produces energy and economy.


The correct planning of a territorial system through the installation of waste disposal plants requires the collaboration of experts in different disciplines. Usually it is characterized by the study of the complete supply chain of waste to supply energy production.